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Cosmetics inspired and based on Mother Nature should always be better adapted to our skin.

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The medical-aesthetic team at the Clínica Luso Espanhola discovered very early on, in the 1990s, that existing cosmetics could be improved. So cosmetics have a hard time adapting to each person and each environmental circumstance at the same time. A cosmetic cream may suit a certain skin type, but it can hardly be good for all skin types and all everyday situations. It’s not the same for the same skin to be on the beach or in the mountains, to be in the air-conditioned office or at home, it can’t be the same in summer or winter. That’s why we’ve developed a cosmetic line that can be adapted to the different scenarios in our lives.

Cosmetics inspired and based on Mother Nature should always be better suited to our skin. We want cosmetics that have both the purity of simplicity and the power of complexity.

The aim of developing CLENYC cosmetics is to help our skin (by cleansing, moisturising and nourishing), using natural products as the main base in order to achieve personalised care. Each individual needs more or less of each active ingredient. There are different skin types and multiple situations that our bodies face.




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